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Churchill Club Sunday Painters

 This Club's name may sound familiar for some members of the foreign community in Okayama City since some of you may have been asked to participate as models, but for the many readers that may not know what kind of club it is. 
Some explanations here:

Sunday Painters Churchill Club is a nationwide organization.
established in 1942 in Tokyo. 
The name comes in memory of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, who once wrote:
 There are 40 clubs throughout the Country.   Open a National Convention and a Regional Assembly once a year.

 The Clubs take turns to host such events.  This year the National Convention will be held in Kyoto.

=Churchill Club Okayama was founded in 1953 in Okayama City. Our activities are:

=2 Painting exhibitions every year at Okayama Tenjinyama Bunka Plaza. In Spring & Autumn.

=We also organize twice-a-year trips to picturesque places in Okayama and its vicinities for sketching. Dining local cuisine and trying original SAKE is an extra pleasure on such trips !!!
=We regularly meet twice a month (in the second & fourth Sundays PMs) for practicing drawing figures. 

 Any models are welcome!!.. Varieties of facial features challenge our painting abilities. (These drawings are not for sale)

=If you are interested in becoming a model or finding more information

 about the Club activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail anytime.

 =We also gladly welcome new members from the foreign community living in Okayama City who love painting and are willing to join us as a  regular Club member.  You need not be a skillful painter, just be interested in Art!!!

Churchill Club Okayama e-mail :